Hello, my name is Mike. I do product design, management, and strategy for early-stage startups.

Below are some companies and products I've brought to life.

Tech-enabled kitchen and bath renovations

As a modern approach to kitchen and bathroom renovation, Skipp leverages technology to give homeowners access to high-end kitchen designs from the industry's leading architects and interior designers.

Next-generation design & engineering software

Built specifically for 3D printing and advanced manufacturing processes, nTopology is the go-to software for designing complex, high-performance parts and repeatable engineering workflows used by the most innovative companies in the world.

Field service project management via SMS 

A simple project management tool that utilizes SMS messaging to send and track project tasks for teams out in the field.

- In development. Coming Soon!

Live Fantasy Setlist Game for Phish Fans

A fun side project for the Phish community! Built on the no-code platform Glide, OPNR (pronounced "Opener") is the classic setlist guessing game - get points for calling songs played by the band. Compete against the entire community and follow your friends. Launched Fall Tour 2021.

Shape your ride

A mass customization surfboard fin configurator. Shape a custom fin for your board, choose compatibility for FCS or Futures fin boxes, and select a material online. Then send it to be CNC milled to your specifications.

- No longer available

See my old site with architectural and digital fabrication work here.